Our Mission:

  •   To bring together a community of moms who are changing the world, one or more child(ren) at a time #muslimfamilies
  •   To make life easier by curating and creating tools and resource to help you be the best version of yourself.
  •   To inspire a change in how we parent, by focusing less on the stuff we own and more on the relationships we want to nurture.


The Muslimah Guide attracts Muslim homeschoolers and moms  from across the globe who all share the idea that ‘A child’s first teacher is mom, umm, ami, hooyo, mama, and occasionally dad’. With all that pressure and burden on our shoulders no wonder our best desserts are store bought (you didn’t think we knew?).

As mothers we have more in common than we like to admit. We all suffer from having lack of time, we are all crippled by indecision, a side effect from mommy guilt syndrome and we are all addicted to our phones.

the muslimah guide

But here is the thing, we get it! No judgments here 😉 and that is why The Muslimah Guide is looking for more moms to share their stories because let’s face it, reading other moms stories either inspires us and motivates us to be better or at least makes us feel somewhat normal.  

  •   If you are a homeschooler and an entrepreneur, you are a 21st century Muslim Mom Rock star and  we need to interview you.
  •   Tough times call for our very own Martha Stewart so if you have Productivity/Organization tips, we need your sanity saving tips.
  •   Know of ways to keep kids busy while the food ‘is being downloaded’? We want and need to hear from you! (because you know kids now days have no patience for shenanigans like that).


About the founders:

Between myself (Samira) and Josy we have 6 children mashaAllah.  They keep us on our toes and sometimes even drive us crazy but would we have it any other way?

Heck yes!


Astaghfirullaah, No!

Alhamdulilaah, They are truly a blessing. Life without them might mean more time, more money, more freedom but it would also mean less laughter, less smiles, and less love, and who needs a life like that?


About the muslimah guide












9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Masha Allah we (mothers) sometimes forget is not about competition who get cleverest children or the most beautiful home… but every mother is unique on their own way and needs to prise that. May Allah bless our parents highest rank of jannah amiin

  2. I love how comprehensive and well-rounded your website is. So much things that actually apply to me and interest me (kids, homeschool, business, management, Arabic learning etc.) I especially love how real you guys are.. I cant do without that. Allah bless your efforts and continue to place barakah in it, aameen!

  3. Aslmualaikum

    I’m strongly considering homeschooling. I am already a stay at home mom. I’ll follow your blog for inspiration thank you.

  4. Assalamu Alikum,

    We’re Arab-speaking Muslims raising 8 boys and girls between the US and UK, and we understand the great challenges that’ll confront them as they grow older, especially around issues rooted in questions of identity and creed (3aqeedah) in a Postmodernist Occident.

    There are many books (for the kids to read) on, say, Amazon that are well-written and take a deep, analytical approach to these issues, or youtube channels as well, but I’m unsure of the purity of the creed espoused in these books, and my time is too short to investigate all of them and pick the best ones.

    Do you know of good English books or youtube channels that take a puritanical Muslim approach, and tackle the Western threats of Subjectivism, Liberalism, Humanism, Nationalism…etc. in a way that would help a Muslim child or young adolescent resolve the questions that we are all familiar with?

    May Allah reward you for your work,

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