Epic 5 minute Ramadan Craft Ideas

5 minute Ramadan Craft Ideas

Last Ramadan was an interesting one in that I tried to have a “minimalist Ramadan”, I say interesting because I somehow failed. I know it was due to the lack of real planning and preparation. Which is why this year I have prepared and planned especially in the kids entertainment department. I was disappointment that the kids spend allot time watching tv because I just couldn’t get myself to prepare different activities for them. I wanted easy crafts that didn’t take much time for me to set up, or prepare before hand.  So this year I challenged myself to come up with 5 minute Ramadan crafts that I can prepare before hand or even prepare on the day. All the crafts are family friendly so older kids can help the younger ones and they are educational. The trick is to keep things simple enough so kids can make these crafts all by themselves with little supervision of parents. For us these crafts will be part of our Ramadan Basket, they start off with learning something new, making our countdown banners and ending with Eid cards by the end of Ramadan insha allah. This way we will have something to do during Ramadan instead of only focusing on crafts that ‘welcome’ Ramadan.

5 minute Ramadan Crafts

5 minute Ramadan craft

Felt Dress up dolls:

To make your own all you need is different color felt 🙁 I did not have brown felt at hand qadarallah) and make patterns with paper. Our dolls have Abaaya, Khamees, as well as a khimar and kufi. They are missing skirt, dress, pants and tshirts maybe even shoes but who am I kidding I ain’t about that life. None the less my daughter is super excited about this, I am sure there will be hours of fun with these imperfect dress up dolls.

Moon Phases Explained With Oreo Cookies

It all starts with learning about the moon phases and finally we have an excuse to eat some Oreo’s.  Just genius! educational, tasty and super easy to set up. Add flash cards of the key stages and younger children can match them but be warned they may just eat them and forget about the task at hand. Can we blame them though?

Epic 5 minute crafts for Ramadan

While you are at it, add a simple binocular craft for those younger explorers to take outdoors and moon watch inshaa aallah. I am sure the ride or walk to Taraweeh will be extra special as they check what moon phase we are in. Great books that mention the moon in Ramadan are: Ramadan Moon and Under the Ramadan Moon


A good deed a day:

A countdown “banner” for the whole family

Countdown banners are fun, so why not get the whole family involved by adding Sahoor times and Iftar times. Every 10 day the whole family can celebrate together by either giving each other a small gift or only to those who are fasting their first fast.


Epic 5 minute crafts for Ramadan

Easy DIY Whiteboards

We use to use a simple chalkboard but you can also make yourself a simple easy whiteboard. The idea is to write a good deed a day that everyone in the family can do.  One person in the family can share a good deed they think is easy enough for everyone and write it on the white board to remind everyone to complete it for the day. The reason we all have to encourage each other to do easy deeds is sometimes all we need to do is focus on what we can do at that time regardless of how small that deed is.

Epic 5 minute crafts for Ramadan


Tarawih Tote (with Fabric markers)

Now this I love, the tote is not only adorable but super useful. Put the kids toys in here that will keep them busy while you pray and you have yourself a ‘babysitter’.

Just a side note so many sisters (mothers) want to go pray tarawih but we are sometimes put off by sisters who find kids running around annoying. I get both sides of the story, sisters go to the masjid for ibaadah but so do we as mothers of younger children but we have to learn to compromise. Every parent is responsible for their own child while at the masjid and they should not allow them to just run around (unless its a masjid where no one complains about them doing so). Take your kids different toys to keep them occupied and/or challenging age appropriate activities.


Epic 5 minute Ramadan Craft

A jar of Dua’s

Inspire children with the gift of making du`a’ to God (supplication) by recycling a jar into a wishing well, how adorable I can just imagine going through the jar and reading all the dua’s that the kids have been making during Ramadan.


Epic 5 minute crafts for Ramadan

We made something similar last year but only for the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Ours was a printable from this post here that I printed and I would send them posts with a dua written on it to my kids. We would read it together in the morning and hang it up. It was so cute watching them find new mail delivered in their mail box. Writing a dua for them made me stop and think about a dua instead of repeating the same ones over and over again subhanallah.

Easy Sewing Cards Garland

This, I am looking forward to printing. They look amazing and the kids can lace it. When they are done I can use it as a Garland for Ramadan insaha allah. Winning! I printed and laminated a lacing cards for my three year old a while back he wasn’t feeling it back then lets hope that this time will be a different experience inshaa allah. 


Epic 5 minute crafts for Ramadan

Craft flowers

Do your kids make their own goals for Ramadan? If they don’t here is an idea to get them started. Plant the family their very own Ramadan Goals garden. Each flower belongs to someone in the family and each petal can have one goal written on it. When a goal is reached you can either take that petal off or cross it off. I am sure those who are competitive will reach their goals by day two 😉

Epic 5 minute crafts for Ramadan

Make an Iqtikaaf tent

Need I say more, I would most certainly abuse the ikhtikaaf tent and teach the kids ones they go in they can only come out for food and toilet breaks. I wonder if a 3 and 4 year old would really care 🙁 ? Never the less it’s important to start the conversation of Ikhtikaaf especially with with older children.


Epic 5 minute Ramadan Craft

I made a simple one like this one here by using a curtain and a hoola hoop. It was so much fun for the kids to hang out in their tent last year but this time around I will be going in with the intention of educating them about ‘itikaf inshaa allah. 


Holding hands (End of Ramadan- Eid cards)

These are just too cute, we made similar ones but this makes it worthy of Eid cards write “taqaballahu minaa wa minkum” as well as a message and voila you are done. You can look here for the ones we made but the possibilities are endless for this craft.


Epic 5 minute Ramadan Craft

I hope you have enjoyed these 5 minute Ramadan Craft ideas, do you have any other crafts you would like to add to this list? Leave a comment and if you know other busy moms who just want to keep their Ramadan minimal share this with them inshaa allah.


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