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21 Books for Preschoolers

21 Books for Preschoolers

Books are a huge part of our lives, we absolutely LOVE them! My preschoolers are participating in 1000 books before kindergarten and because reading books together is the best thing for their development, it’s something I happily do with them almost every day.   

There are many great books for teaching Islamic concepts to preschoolers and kindergartners, but sometimes the problem is finding the ones that will capture their imagination, you know like the ones that they pull off the shelf over and over again. That is why I have compiled this “categorized” list so you can easily find engaging books to support your child’s Muslim identity at home or in your classroom.

Rhyming Books:

My Mum is a Wonder

A young child thinks about the work of his wonderful Mum: greeting him with a smile in the morning, teaching him to pray, looking after him when he is ill, and much more.

When I am sick and hot in bed,
Who stays with me and strokes my head?
Who leaves her bed for another
To comfort me, make me better?

Ka’b’s Big Decision

Story based on the sahaabi Ka’ab Ibn Maaalik.

“It started one day when the Muslims were told
To get ready for an expedition,
They would journey afar in the fierce, fiery heat,
What a dangerous, difficult mission!”

A dangerous mission it is, but one strong and healthy man stays behind. Who is he? Why does he stay behind? And what will happen when everyone returns?

The Young Man’s Plan

Based on the story of Umar Ibn Khataab

“This is the tale of a fearless young man,
Who thought of a wicked and horrible plan…”

Who was this man? What was his plan? And will he ever carry it out?

A Whale of a Wish!

A charming Islamic re-telling of the Prophet Yunus’ momentous encounter with a whale! Told through the perspective of the whale, the fun rhythmic text and masterful illustrations capture the imagination and will be relished by kids and grown-ups alike!

5 Pillars of Islam

Written in simple, rhyming language and accompanied with bold, colorful illustrations, this book is perfect to introduce young children to the most important acts in Islam: the Five Pillars. Each spread features one of the Five Pillars: believing in Allah and His Messenger, praying, fasting, giving charity, and performing Hajj.

Awesome Read Out Loud Books

The Way to Jannah

Zayd poses a question to his mother as they climb up a wintery mountain path: “Mummy, what do I say if I want to go to Jannah?” Time after time, Zayd tries answering his own question, never quite getting it right. His mother comments on his efforts, teaches him new words of remembrance, but never gives the answer away.

Allah Loves Me (English and Arabic Edition)

Allah loves me when I am… kind, reading, thankful, thinking, helping, brave, strong, giving… And I Love Allah…
These words are accompanied by vivid illustrations presented by the creative writer Hadeel Al-Abasi. Her words touch children’s senses and thoughts. Allah Loves Me contains positive messages, and aims to create a kindred heart, high spirit and intelligent mind.

5 Little Muslims

This is an Islamic children’s book teaching little kids about the Islamic Manners. Muslim friends are: Adam, Ali, Omar, Aisha, Noura and Jasmin

Faatimah and Ahmed – We’re Little Muslims

Faatimah and Ahmed love being Little Muslims. Today was Ahmed’s first day at school and he has learned some very important things about Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
Join them, as Ahmed tells Faatimah a special story about when Muhammad (SAW) was born, and explains to her how important Muhammad (SAW) is to Muslims.

Best Books that Islamic Concepts

The one (a children’s story book about Allah)

The purpose of this storybook is to recognize Allah through his countless signs, affirm His Oneness, affirm His Exaltedness, help instill love for Him, build a strong relationship with Him, learn about His attributes and help us worship and obey His commands.

Surah Al-Feel, Pop-up & Play Book

This Pop-up & Play Book aims to truly inspire and excite young hearts to engage with the magnificent event of Abraha’s army of elephants going to destroy the Ka’ba.

The Apple Tree: The Prophet Says Series

Little Shaima learns a valuable lesson in giving for the sake of charity and reward from God after planting an apple tree with her dad. By learning to give the fruit to others, including birds, animals and humans, she overcomes the selfishness she feels about wanting to keep all the fruit to herself.

Circle of Sandcastles – The Prophet Says Series

Will Shy Maimuna overcome her shyness in order to stand up for what’s right? In this heart-pounding story, Shy Maimuna defends a deaf classmate against some bullies who repeatedly destroy his sandcastles at the park. With her strong sense of compassion, she ventures out of her comfort zone and is able to take action to stop those bullies from ever bothering him again.

Hassan and Aneesa Go to Masjid

Hassan and Aneesa are going to the masjid. At the masjid they will make wudu, visit the prayer hall, listen to the adhan, and perform a prayer. Follow them as they explore the masjid and see a mihrab, mimbar, dome and minaret; prepare to pray; and learn some general manners to observe inside.

Have You Prayed?

This is one of the books in the little Maymoor series. Have you Prayed? focuses on the importance of Prayer at its prescribed times. Other titles in the series include: Etiquettes of Eating and The Month of Ramadan.

Bismillah Soup

Bismillah Soup is a story about Hasan, a young Somali boy who ventures out to prepare a delicious feast for his mother. With a little bit of elbow grease, a lot of trust in God and the help of his friends and neighbours, Hasan quickly turns his idea into a magnificent plan and gathers the entire community together for a spectacular feast at the local mosque.

Owl & Cat: Islam Is…

Join Owl & Cat and learn, in a light hearted and humorous way, about the lives and beliefs of Muslims, who make up a quarter of all the people in the world!

Owl & Cat, Muslim picture books help children learn about the concepts of Friendship, Family, and Acceptance, with humor and an appeal that crosses the lines of culture and religion.

ABC/Color/Number/Body parts Books

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colors

Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns magnificently captures the world of Islam, celebrating its beauty and traditions for even the youngest readers. Sure to inspire questions and observations about world religions and cultures, this entrancing volume is equally at home in the classroom as it is being read to a child on a parent’s lap.

Hector Hectricity and the Missing Socks

Calm days for the Parack family, filled with soft songs and peaceful picnics, are disrupted by hectic mornings because socks keep vanishing in their new home. Will Mummy’s prayers lead to peace and paired socks again?A fun story for young children that shows how praying to Allah SWT, asking for help from others, and taking a good walk outdoors can help to overcome a sock monster.

Allah Knows All About Me

This book is written using charming rhyming text with the repeated phrase ‘Allah knows all about me,’  which reinforces your child’s faith in their Creator with the turn of every page.

My First ABC from the Quran

This colorful book, full of friendly images, is an ideal introduction to the first few words and objects from the Qur’an for your child. Its toddler-tough pages will guarantee extra hours of alphabet fun.

21 Books for Preschoolers

Does your preschooler have a favorite book that has not been mentioned? If so, share it by commenting below inshaa Allah.


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