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Have you ever felt like you are stuck in your own version of groundhog day? Waking up and having the rest of the day consist of rushing prayers, dressing the kids, washing the dishes, doing the laundry and entertaining them . Then wake up the next morning and starting it all over again.

Life can be a balancing act for us moms between family, home and religious responsibility. There is just not enough time in the day to get everything done unless you prioritize yourself.

I learned this the hard way, I suffered from anxiety and panic. At times I just wanted some time for myself but between homeschooling and being around my kids all the time, and having household duties. There just was no time. I loved homeschooling so I decided to simplify my life instead. Nap times became a sacred time for ME, I got rid of most things in my house and started to nurture relationships and value experiences instead of having my house a certain way. Alhamdulilah slowly but surely I started to feel better, had more energy and found joy in the little things again.


This why we at The Muslimah Guide we are on a mission to inspire moms to:

  1. Live a Simple Life so they can have more time and be fulfilled
  2. Do what they love doing in their newfound ‘free’ time

I forgot to introduce myself I am Samira and here at The Muslimah Guide you get me as your sister in Islam and advisor.

the muslimah guide

Yes ↑ that’s me. A jilbaab wearing, cloud watching, mother of 2 who is obsessed with simplifying her life, creating new habits and having Islam as a lifestyle. For me this means navigating a life with the Quran and Sunnah hence why no picture of me… anywhere

the muslimah guide

I started blogging in 2015 and let’s just say I’ve come a long way in the last couple of years, not just as a blogger…but as a mother, wife, and a Muslimah.


I’ve learned that being a stay at home mom is not always fun.

I’m that tired mom trying to keep her composure while listening to her kids argue about who gets the square plate or round big cup for the umpteenth time.


I’ve learned that being a wife is hard and requires work.

Most days I am that wife biting her tongue and pulling her hair every time she sees clothes next to the laundry basket and not inside it *takes a deep breath.


I’ve learned that balancing it all while trying to keep my duties as a Muslimah requires sacrifices and…

faith is the only thing keeping me sane.


I am not perfect, far from it.

I have just found/learned ways to make everyday normalcy full of joy and beauty.

One way we do this as a family is through living a simple life, one where being content isn’t settling for less than, but being completely and wholly fulfilled.


What Simple Living means to us

  •        We live a slower more intentional life
  •        We focus on what’s important
  •        We take back control of our time and manage it better
  •        We live in moderation


So What’s in it for you?

The Muslimah Guide is a virtual space for you to be inspired and to define your own version of living a good and abundant life. Because at the end of the day a more joyful, patient mom means a more peaceful and happy family.


With that said THANK you for being here, I’m truly thankful for you alhamdulilaah.


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