finding the right balance

Finding the Balance

“You have a duty to your Lord, you have a duty to your body, and you have a duty to your family, so you should give each one its rights.” (Sahih Bukhari) Finding the right balance between being a mom, wife, devout muslimah, and careerwoman (for some) is an issue most of us struggle with. […]

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Digital detox

Limiting your Own Screen Time!

Cutting kids’ screen time is nothing new. Since research has shown time and time again that digital overload can impair a child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth, most of us know the importance of placing media usage limits for our children. Yet, many of us don’t limit our own screen time even though research also […]

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hostess gift ideas

Hostess Gift Ideas

Not sure what to bring the host of an upcoming iftar? Want something that the hostess will actually use and love? Here are 9 unique and thoughtful gift ideas that should guarantee another invite 😉 inshaa Allah.       For the Coffee Lover, a classic ceramic mug with the Ayah “If you are grateful, then […]

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