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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

actions speak louder than words

LThe more time you spend online the more you focus on words, words that seemingly tell you everything there is to know about the other person. The thing about words is that after a while they lose their meaning, the sentiment actions speak louder than words comes to mind.


Al-Qâsim b. Muhammad, the grandson of Abû Bakr – Allah have mercy on him – said: In my time the people were not impressed by speech, they were impressed by actions. Anyone can say whatever he wants. 

(Abû Dâwûd, Kitâb Al-Zuhd p354)


The thing about online interaction is that you are judged almost entirely by your actions, post one too many selfies and people figure are a narcissist. If you ask dumb questions, people assume you’re dumb. If you do kind things people will think you are a kind person and if something tragic happens on current news but you choose to ignore it, people might think you just don’t care. Remember, that people judge you on your actions not your intentions.

The key is to be clear, because in the online world people always assume you did that thing on purpose, that it was intentional or planned. If people criticize you, they are actually criticizing your behavior so if you’re not happy with the perception you create change the words you type.

  • I agree! For a while, many people saw me as a deviant because I’m so open about intimacy and sex education. With time, many people got to see that I’m human by the genuine things I shared with them and the way I acted toward them. They started judging me by my actions and what I did for them instead whether it be a thoughtful note, etc. Also, I like the quote mentioned masha’Allah! 🙂

  • Hehe… this is so true… I had a lot of friends who commented behind my back that I spend 24/7 on FB and now I just reduced my interaction so that there are no wagging tongues… We truly need to be careful of our actions…

  • Ashfa Salam says:

    True! Love the quote! ” In my time the people were not impressed by speech, they were impressed by actions. Anyone can say whatever he wants.”

  • Online reputation is now a legit thing in this world. I think we could sll use digital detoxification from time to time

  • Amina says:

    This is very true. It’s hard not to be judged in the world of social media!

  • Haya says:

    Ummm.. No words can portray what we feel. This is both inhibition and a blessing.
    Yet, reaction depends entirely on the reader.

  • Sahar says:

    Oh how true this article is!
    I’m pretty new to social media and avoided it like the plague precisely for such reasons. However as a blogger it was imperative I join pretty much all social media sites and as your article dictates it’s quite stressful making any sort of move online because it will be thoroughly scrutinized!

  • Amina says:

    Interesting world we are living in; with online interactions quickly taking over most of our lives.

    We can only try to make the most of it. For me, I always need to take *digital fasts* to reboot.

  • Random Bytes says:

    You are so right about that!

  • Zeinab Amin says:

    Random online people reactions or interpretation shouldn’t mean anything to us. There will always be people who dont like you for the most stupidest reasons but thankfully actions do speak louder than words to those who matter.

  • Foz says:

    I agree. Social media used to be full of judgemental people

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