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Interactive Children’s Picture Books

Don’t you just love interactive books that encourage children to touch, shake, and move? I don’t mean those lift-the-flap kinds either. Though we did enjoy those when the kids were babies, now those

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Simple Morning Routine: 7 Things to do before 7am

Have you ever woken up feeling exhausted? After a couple of google searches, you discover that it’s either lack of quality of sleep or not getting enough hours of sleep that’s causing you to wake

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Arabic Alphabet Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

Arabic Alphabet Games for Preschool and Kindergarten

They say every child is different… I am not sure whether I was in denial or just being lazy. My daughter enjoyed learning her Arabic alphabet, and all I had to do was print out some flashcards and

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Our muslim homeschool

Interview with Dr Gemma Elizabeth of Our Muslim Homeschool

The question we all have is how do they do it? How do they balance working from home and homeschooling? We dig deep in these interviews and ask tough questions so that we can learn and try to implement

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Want to be a happy mom? Take a break!

I take a shower every day, do I need it? Heck Yeah! Smelling fresh and having clean hair is supposed to be a good thing but for me, it’s more than that. It’s part of my self-care ritual. Showers serve

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Laylatul Qadr- A guide to making Dua

Among the nights of Ramadan is one special night, Laylatyul Qadr (Night of Decree) it was the night the Quran was send down and worship during the laylatul Qadr is equivalent to worship performed for a

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Golden Domes and Silver Lantern (Preschool Pack Printable)

If there is one book that is an absolute favorite of ours in the house its Golden Domes and Silver Lantern. Over the last couple of years, they learned and picked up new ‘Arabic’ vocabulary

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A Ramadan Gift Basket

When you only celebrate a few holidays in a year, you tend to go off and make everything a little bit more special. Especially during the month of Ramadan. I struggle to hide Eid gifts now that they are

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3 ways to Jump-start your Ramadan

One of the salaf said: “Rajab is the month to sow the seeds; Sha’ban is the month to irrigate the crop; and Ramadan is the month to reap the harvest!”   With Rajab gone and Sha’baan

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My first Dua book- DIY

My first Dua Book- DIY

If you have been following me on Instagram, you may know that I have been trying to teach my kids to be thankful for everything, the good, the bad and the ugly (I am hoping that this will teach them to

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