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The Brave Boy- Book Review

The brave boy- book review

The Quran Stories for little Hearts series is specially designed to provide an easy way to help your children understand more about the stories of the Quran by enjoying them and learning from them in a natural way. It’s a wonderful way to explain the greatest stories of the Quran to children and encourage them to explore the meaning and purpose of the word of Allah. A simple text and magnificent color illustrations will captivate young, active minds”. (source)


Age Range: Recommended age 4+

Author: Saniyasnain Khan/Achla Anand/Achal K Anand

Publisher: Goodword Books

What to expect: Love, Mercy, Sacrifice, Compelling Tale, Creative Illustrations,


The brave boy tells the story of how Prophet Ibrahim (Alayhi Salaam) was asked by Allah to sacrifice his son Ismael (Alayhi Salaam), his one and only son.

The story is written with young children in mind, its short and simple to understand. It teaches young children that sometimes we are asked to sacrifice something we love for the sake of Allah and to put our trust in Allaah.

I was pleasantly surprised when my 3 year old and 2 year old sat and listened to the whole story (we have other books that are age appropriate but not as engaging), they were engaging with the illustrations and kept asking where the brave boy was (there are no pictures of humans). Overall the book has wonderful lessons children can begin to learn and understand as they grow older. 


The Brave Boy

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