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how to align your life

The habit of Intention

Do you ever find yourself starting something with a sincere intention and after a while just losing sight of why you started and why it even matters? In an increasingly distracting world, it’s not uncommon

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Stopped watching tv

I stopped watching TV and this is what happened

“Watching too much TV can triple our hunger for more possessions, while reducing our personal contentment by about 5 percent for every hour a day we watch.”   -David Niven Have you ever found yourself

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muslimah guide to morning routine

Muslimah Guide to Morning Routine

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “O Allah, bless my nation in their early mornings (i.e., what they do early in the morning).”… (Sunnan Ibn Majah) Are you having trouble creating or sticking

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find joy in the everyday things

3 ways to Find Joy in the Everyday Things

“If you can’t do the little things right and find joy in them, you will not do the big things right and find joy in them” For a while I had struggled to find joy in the little things,

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Healthy Sleeping Habits

30 Day Challenge: Healthy Sleeping Habits

If it only took 30 days to get into some healthy sleeping habits would you take the challenge? When you give so much of yourself to others you start to lose yourself along the way. You forget to take care

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Homeschooling Success depends on these 3 ingredients

Homeschooling Success depends on 3 Ingredients

I remember when I didn’t have kids. I could spend a day in bed with a cold, or a tummy ache. Heck, I could spend the day in bed to binge watch … lost or desperate housewives.  Then the kids came

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Spiritual Habits to Develop in just 10 minutes a day

Spiritual Habits to Develop in just 10 minutes a day

“Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.” Sunan Ibn Mājah 4240 “Don’t let a day go by without opening the mushaf

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Simple Morning Routine: 7 Things to do before 7am

Have you ever woken up feeling exhausted? After a couple of google searches, you discover that it’s either lack of quality of sleep or not getting enough hours of sleep that’s causing you to wake

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Our muslim homeschool

Interview with Dr Gemma Elizabeth of Our Muslim Homeschool

The question we all have is how do they do it? How do they balance working from home and homeschooling? We dig deep in these interviews and ask tough questions so that we can learn and try to implement

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Interview with By Fatima

Please introduce yourself and your business?   Assalamu Alaikum, my name is Fatima – I’m a wife & mother of three, born & raised in Australia, I work from home & loves all things to

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