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DIY Craft Sticks Arabic Puzzles

DIY Craft Sticks Arabic Puzzles

If it is not already apparent by the little fingerprints you may find just about everywhere in the house, children love to explore the world around them through touch.  Providing them with opportunities

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teaching toddlers about Islam

Teaching Toddlers about Islam

Where is Allah?   The first time I was ever asked that question was by my niece, who at that time was 4 years old. While I thought I knew the answer, I just didn’t know how to answer it in a way

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life of a muslim homeschooler

A Day in the Life of a Muslim Homeschooler

  I often get asked about what my typical day as a homeschool mom of four energetic munchkins look like..  Well, it’s hard to answer that question when everyday is a bit different (lol). I

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cardboard box tv

Craft- Cardboard Box TV

This is a Nightly News with Safa inspired craft. If you have not read the review yet, you can check it out here. The kids enjoyed reading the book so much that they decided to make their own cardboard

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ice cube painting

Ice Cube Painting

With the weather warming up again, the kids have been spending more time out on the balcony. So, I figured it would be nice for them to take a break from throwing stuff down to the neighbors 😉 and had

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Easy DIY=- Montessori Dress Frames

Easy DIY- Montessori Dress Frames

Montessori dressing frames are important for helping children develop both coordination and independence. The dress frames are used in preparation for independent care, before mastering the skill of dressing

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kids learn arabic

Kids Learning the Arabic Language

  Are you are a mother who is not a native Arabic speaker, yet you want to help your child learn the Arabic language? The struggles are real and I hear you! Maybe you’re a native Arabic speaker

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learn arabic- kids edition

Learn Arabic- Free Resources

“Learn Arabic for it is part of your Religion and learn how the estate of the deceased should be divided (al-Faraa’id) for these are part of your Religion”. – Umar Bin Khatab   The Quran

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Islamicly Appropriate Books by Western Authors

We all want our children to read more, but as Muslims we also worry about the kind of ideas our children are being exposed to through books. As our children get older, books that are age appropriate tend

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arabic letters cube review

Arabic Letters Cube- Review

Beginning of the month I had mentioned a sale on the Arabic Letters Cubes. Here is the long awaited review for that product. You can also read the review for Arabic Puzzle by ThinkerNation here   Arabic

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