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Charecter Building during Ramadan

Character Building during Ramadan

 One of the most important aspects of Islam is that one should strive to have high moral standards and good manners.  When asked about the best of the believers, the Prophet (sallaahu alayhi wasallam)

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6 things I do with my toddlers everyday

6 Things I do with my toddlers every day

  Apart from making sure that I tire them out almost everyday, so that they can take a nap in the afternoons and I can enjoy some ‘me’ time, lately we have been trying to add some more

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Raising Resilient Children- islamic manners

Teaching Islamic Manners

Bismillah Rabbi Zidnee Ilman “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” In a world that is becoming increasingly Islamophobic, it is has become incumbent on all Muslims to go the extra mile

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character building with kids

Character Building with Kids

One of the goals of every parent is to raise children with good character, who will be successful in everything they do in life. But in reality being a person with good character and values can be challenging,

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traveling with toddlers

Traveling With Toddler Tips

We have had our fair share of air travel with the kids. The first time we flew with our first born was when she was 5 month old and that was to Europe on a 11 hour flight. I must say that I was not prepared.

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learning from toddlers

Learning From Toddlers

If we are not learning, we are teaching. Life is always in a constant state of change, giving us plenty of opportunities to learn something new. Maybe I am also changing but I don’t stop long enough

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how the salaf raised children

How The Salaf Raised Children

I remember reading a quote before I had children. I don’t remember who the quote was by and can’t seem to find the original one online. But nevertheless it spoke about how the righteous predecessors

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