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Homeschooling Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Homeschool storage ideas for small spaces

Struggling to find space to put all the homeschool materials, books, papers, and school supplies is every homeschooler’s challenge. Living in the Bay Area, we are already at a disadvantage when it comes to storage, as many of us do not have much square footage (though we do pay for it 😉 ). Add homeschooling to the equation, and things can get really out of control!

At the start of the year, we bought a teacher’s cabinet in an effort to contain all the supplies, and it worked, but for a very limited time lol!  Well, let’s just say my neatly organized “teacher’s cabinet” is not quite so neat anymore, because of all the little hands that grab things in and out of it. It became really obvious that it was time for a new strategy!

Here are a few ideas that I came up with to help maximize small spaces for homeschooling, as well as optimize it for the independent child.

If you want a cute way to decorate your homeschool, while getting the hidden benefit of storage, these wall cubbies are your ticket.  They are just the right size and takes advantage of unused wall space to help organize all the little things that your little ones need access to, and things you don’t want them to get access to (like sharpies!).


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I put some cubbies above the whiteboard, to keep things like permanent markers, and things which we don’t use often, out of reach of children.  I positioned cubbies on the bottom of the whiteboard to store things which my children need access to frequently like dry erase markers, glue sticks, pencils, erasers, etc,.   This setup also makes it easier for them not only to get things, but to put them away when they are done (Montessori approved design, if I do say so myself 😉 ).


Homeschool storage ideas for small spaces

I know these may seem like small magnetic clips … but they hold papers like a boss! Before purchasing these, I would use random promotional magnets I would get for free from companies, but it ended up to be more of a headache than it’s worth. Papers would often slide off and I would constantly have to pick them up and put them back.  I found these heavy duty clips from Amazon (affiliate links), and Alhamdulillah, I have not had a problem since.  I love the fact that these magnets can handle alot of papers, allowing us to display the most current “masterpiece” while containing all the other artwork. No more dealing with tape, or making holes in our walls with tack pins (yay!).  The little artists in my family are also now able to easily take care of their own art curating without any of my help. 🙂


Here are a few more ideas that I think will work really well for small spaces.


Homeschool storage ideas for small spaces

1.   Over the door School supplies organization: These over-the-door organizers are very versatile, allowing you to organize all your school supplies in the different pockets, while having a clear view of what you have.

2.   Ottomon with storage (I have this in my living room, and use it for one of my learning centers)

3.   One of the most over looked and under utilized spaces are the corners. So, if you have one corner available look around for some corner furniture like a  book case or table.

4.   Drawer Mobile Organizer (I like the fact  that it has wheels and can be taken from room to room.)

5.   Use baskets, whenever you can

6.   Want to store  books under the bed? Then, be sure to use Vision Storage Boxes so you can see exactly whats in them without having to take it all out.


Comment below if you would like to share your storage solutions for small spaces. We would love to hear about them inshaAllah.  

JazakumAllahu Khair for reading!

  • Hager says:

    I actually use something similar to #6 & #2 in my studying area :). I am willing to change it if it doesn’t contain my stuff! So I will be looking for something similar to #4.

    Gigi |¤

  • sm says:

    Thank you for the storage tips! What type of table do you recommend for a workspace that will work for a kindergartener but grow with them?

    • josy says:

      You are welcome 🙂 The right table really depends on how much space you have, as well as other factors such as if you have other kids, and whether your child works better in a more quiet, secluded setting. Since I don’t have alot of space, I use my dining room table as my schoolroom table, and I place a special laminated cotton table cloth over it. I also have one over the bed table in my living room that I can pull out and have my kids do their work, or use a laptop on it (while they are sitting on the couch), when I feel that they are being to distracted by the other kids. If you are homeschooling for the long run, and you want your child to grow with the furniture, then you probably don’t want to get anything too small. There are lots of children’s desks available I see in Ikea, and some of the tops lift up and your child can put all their school stuff inside.
      Here is one example…
      Some of my friends (because they have multiple kids and they have to provide them with alot of support) tell me that kidney shaped tables are the best for their situation. I guess if you are looking just for a single desk where your child needs to work on independently, I would recommend maybe getting a computer table that has shelves (assuming your child might need to use computers at some point) and that way you also get the benefit of storage (which you will need), and it could double up as a study table. My husband recently found one that we put our computer on, but because it is quite spacious (and the monitor is flat screen), my kids can also do their work on it. Since the height of our chairs are adjustable, my kindergartener can use the table perfectly, although it is quite big. I hope this helps inshaAllah 🙂

  • Josy says:

    Wa iyaaki 🙂

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