Learning From Toddlers
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Learning From Toddlers

learning from toddlers

If we are not learning, we are teaching. Life is always in a constant state of change, giving us plenty of opportunities to learn something new. Maybe I am also changing but I don’t stop long enough to contemplate on it or care enough to recognize it. As a mother now, I am beginning to appreciate the changing nature of our world, as my children grow, and develop, unfolding before my eyes. MashaAllah, they are always learning and expanding their worlds. Just as they figure one thing out, they are learning the next thing. Just as they learn to crawl, they are trying to figure out how to walk. They are excited about change as it takes them a step closer in their quest to making sense of the world around them. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from children, maybe they can teach us valuable lessons about life. I know I have learned a lesson or two from my toddlers.


Bump your head, Get up and do it again. Children tend to have no fear about doing anything, they understand the simplicity in everything even if they got hurt in the process. But as adults we overthink and overanalyze every situation that by the time it’s time get something done, we are tired and somewhat scared of what the outcome might be. No matter how hard we fall, even if the wound is still there, we have to find the strength to get up and try again. I know it’s easier said than done. If children can laugh it off at times, why not us?


Toys will keep them busy. Just a while ago I organized the kid’s toys. I put many of their toys away and thought if they wanted them, they would ask for it. The house is tidy, and I don’t spend much time cleaning after them anymore. But surprisingly neither of my children miss any of the toys I put away. This just goes to show that we buy alot stuff thinking it will make us happier or bring us excitement, when all it does is give us more work to do. How many hours can we save each day if we owned less stuff? We would have alot less stuff to clean, organize, and sort out.


The playground is the best source of entertainment. TV keeps them quiet, and it entertains them long enough for me to get things done around the house. But nothing beats spending time outside, and opportunities to make new friends at the park or just take a nice walk. Being outdoors serves many purposes, but the one I find most pleasing is that my children have less time to mess up the house and get into everything lol. But really the experiences we can gain from living life instead of watching it, is not even comparable.


Real Love: Life gets more complex as we grow older, and so does love. We have taught ourselves how to protect and suppress our real emotions. A child’s love however is unconditional, and simple. They hug you because they are happy to see you and kiss you because you either asked or it was something they just felt like doing. Maybe we can be alot happier if we were just simple beings who express how we really feel.

  • Farhan says:

    Insightful article. Jazakhallah khair!

    TV is a killer of families, life is much better without it :).

  • Maryam Bibi says:

    I find this to be so true! As a teacher-mom I was challenged earlier this year when I taught 4-5 year olds for the first time… And came away from the experience having learnt so much from them! I definitely did not expect that at all… I blogged about it thereafter https://iusedtobefunnowimamum.wordpress.com/2017/03/30/life-lessons-from-a-preschooler/

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