sibiling rivalry

The Curse of Sibling Rivalry

When you have more than one child, chances are you have found yourself caught in the middle of the crossfire of sibling rivalry quite a few times throughout your parenting career. “Mom, He hit me!”  “He took my toy!”  “She called me meany..” Sounds familiar? “Our children form their image of who they are from […]

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indoor active toys

Indoor Toys to burn energy

Keeping active kids indoors can be challenging. We love outdoor play, but it’s not always feasible, especially in the winter. So, what do you do with an active preschooler who is cooped up inside? Well, my solution is to make up your own games as well as buy a few indoor active toys! This can […]

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5 tips for teaching Islamic Toilet Etiquette

5 Tips for Teaching Islamic Toilet Etiquette

Alhamdullilah, as Muslims we have been given the best etiquettes for relieving ourselves. Because Islamic bathroom manners are so much more than just cleaning after yourself, teaching our children proper Islamic toileting etiquettes requires quite a few steps. Kids from a young age (3+) can be taught these etiquettes starting with how to clean themselves […]

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Learning to let go and forgive

Learning to Let Go and Forgive

Nelson Mandela once said that “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” We all have experienced being hurt by others.  We were treated badly, maybe even betrayed and left wondering if we can ever trust that person again.  While the pain is normal, sometimes we find ourselves unnecessarily replaying […]

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The Collapse of Parenting

Western parenting philosophy is often based on a culture that prides itself on individualism and fierce competition vs. collectivism and teamwork.  Stroll the aisles of the toy department and you will find countless toys and products that claims it will boost your child’s brain development. From brain-enhancing infant formula to brainy baby DVDs, it is clear […]

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raising green muslims

Raising “green” Muslims

Throughout the day, my five year old daughter can be caught snacking on odd and unexpected healthy treats from bites of celery stalks, lettuce, and even a half cut onion in the refrigerator.  She has no problem munching on wild fennel, broccoli leaves, and expressing her enjoyment as she indulges (which in her language comes […]

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Charecter Building during Ramadan

Character Building during Ramadan

 One of the most important aspects of Islam is that one should strive to have high moral standards and good manners.  When asked about the best of the believers, the Prophet (sallaahu alayhi wasallam) replied, “They are those who have the best character and manners.” (Sunan At-Tirmidhee: 1162; Sunan Abu Daawood: 4682) The Prophet (sallaahu alayhi […]

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