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Muslim Women in Entrepreneurship

Muslim Woman in Entrepreneurship

Now, more than ever, we are seeing the rise of Muslim entrepreneurs who are catering to the growing demand for Muslim-focused consumer products. With the latest ‘Hijab’ ban in the E.U that disproportionately affects Muslim women, we thought we would share a list of five (ease your way into entrepreneurship) online business opportunities that are suitable for a ‘work-at-home mom who may also be a homeschooler.’


Sell Art:
If you are an artist or a designer, you can easily outsource to have your designs printed on t-shirts or tote bags and available for purchase online. Best of all, you won’t have to handle the printing, processing or shipping, which allows you more time to concentrate on the creative side of your business, as well as the marketing. There are plenty of sites with good reputation that offer print on demand as a service. While this business model has its benefits such as not requiring much capital to start and not having to worry about paying fees (they only print when there is an order), there are some drawbacks like low profit margins and less control (especially if the supplier makes any errors). It’s nevertheless an easy and less risky way of putting your foot in the water and learning more about the market.


Sell Your Swag:
However, if you want an e-commerce business that has many advantages and gives you much more control, then starting an Online khimar/scarf business might just be for you. Just like the t-shirt business this too has:
• A low startup cost
• Can be ‘easy’ to sell (scarves are worn by many Muslim sisters and you don’t have to convince sisters why they need a scarf).
• Depending on how small you want to start you can either design your own scarves or buy them wholesale. Remember a lot of Muslimas do care about how and where their scarves/clothes are made (as we all should).
You can start by selling only scarves but once you establish a good reputation, you can eventually diversify into other products such as apparel, bags and/or totes making the scarf business a great entry business. Now, keep in mind that there are no drop shipping options (that we are aware of) for selling scarves but fortunately scarves are easy to store, light weight and ship easily and the internet provides access to a world of potential customers.


Sell on Amazon:
If you want to sell whatever you want and not be limited, then using Fulfillment by Amazon may be an option you want to consider. You choose the products you want to sell and buy it in bulk because…well, why not? You don’t have to worry about warehousing or shipping them to customers. Instead, you ship your products in bulk to Amazon, and Amazon stores, packs and ships each individual order for you as well as provide support to your customers. The main advantage of using FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) is that your products can qualify for Amazon’s Free Super Saver Shipping (meaning Amazon can offer customers free shipping on your products with orders over $25), and Amazon can also offer its Amazon Prime members Free, Two-day Shipping on your products. We all know customers love free shipping (I know I do!).


Virtual Assistant:
Muslimapreneurs who have a successful online business are always hiring Virtual Assistants. As a virtual assistant, you perform the typical tasks of an administrative support such as word processing, researching, and sometimes provide technical support to their customers.  To get started, you probably want to have your own website and to start networking in places where many muslimapreneurs ‘hang out’ (Facebook groups and forums). Don’t be afraid to offer your services for free at the beginning if you need the experience and always be helpful and reliable, as this will create many more opportunities for you inshaAllah. Before you know it, sisters who have had the pleasure of working with you will start recommending you to all their friends.


Blogging has come a long way since the days of affiliate marketing and advertising. Blogging takes a long time for you to start getting regular income from but the advantages are that you are in tune with your audience and you get to create products for your customers, instead of finding customers for your products. Successful bloggers have 3 things in common:
• They are consistent
• They built communities
• They work hard on giving only the best content

To get started with blogging professionally you will have to buy hosting, your own domain and you are all set unless you choose square space in that case it’s all inclusive. 

The key is to remember that whichever path you choose, you have to be willing to work hard and be patient because success does not happen overnight and entrepreneurship can get overwhelming. If you want us to dig deeper in each of these and give examples, comment below and we will put together a “part two of the series” inshaa Allah.

  • Saroosh M says:

    Great tips! For me, my art would be my writing. I’m very motivated to edit my book and then put it on the market. Jazakillah for this lovely post =)

    • samira says:

      Mashaa Allah sis, let me know if you want to get in touch with sisters who chose to go the self publishing route 😉 they might be able to motivate you 😁.

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