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Ramadan Activity Pack and Craft

Ramadan Activity pack and craft

With Ramadan here Alhamdulilah, what better time than now to teach the kids about the pillars of Islam as well as develop some problem solving skills.  These practical problems relate to the muslim child, and make learning fun and meaningful, while helping to develop a strong sense of Islamic identity.

Click below for this Ramadan activity pack which encompasses multiple ages as we have added a page of Ramadan Word problems for preschool all the way up to 5th grade.


  1.   Ramadan Preschool Activity Pack

    Ramadan Activity pack and craft

  2.   Ramadan Math Word Problems for 1st Grade to 5th Grade

Ramadan Activity pack

Click here for a coloring page, which helps children learn how to properly break their fast, and the dua they should make. 


As for the Pillars of Islam craft which happens to be very eco-friendly, children are provided with a visual representation on why  practicing the pillars of Islam is so important in “upholding” our deen.

Since I have 4 children, I had them each pick a “pillar of Islam” to decorate, while discussing its virtues. After we finished, we experimented with the pillars, and tested what would happen if we removed one or more of the pillars.

A fun experiment would be to try  blow the structure down with all of the pillars present, and with some of them were removed.  Alhamdullilah, the kids were able to come to a fast realization that the more pillars there were, the stronger the structure would be 😉 . 

As you can see, we were able to create 2 versions using the same model by placing English on one side with Arabic on the other.  


Ramadan Activity craftRamadan Activity craft

To make the Pillars of Islam craft,  you will need:

  •   5 toilet paper rolls
  •   One paper towel roll
  •   A piece of cardboard
  •   Paper
  •   Markers, or paint (We used creamy crayons)
  •   Scissors

Ramadan Activity craft


  1.   Cut rectangular opening on both sides of the rolls (you will stick the paper with the writing inside)
  2.   Have your child decorate the rolls and cardboard.
  3.   Cut a 8 by 11 paper into 4 and roll it up and place in the tubes (you will need to cut a 5th piece on another piece of paper).  
  4.   Write the names of the pillars in Arabic on one side, and English on the other side in pencil and have your child trace it with a marker.
  5.   Roll another 8 by 11 paper to fit into the paper towel roll this time. Write Islam in English on one side, and Arabic on another side.


Here is the Arabic Vocabulary you will need to complete this activity:


Islam أسلام

Shahada الشَهادة  (Testimony of Faith)

Salah الصلاة  (Prayer)

 Zakah الزكاة (Charity)

Sawm  الصوم  (Fasting)

 Hajj  الحج  (pilgrimage)


Note: If your child is able to memorize the hadiths, it’s encouraged that they should do so inshaa Allaah.