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Ted Talks that Inspire Change

Ted talks that inspire change

I’m sure most of you have heard of TED Talks. If you haven’t, you’ve been missing out on some good educational stuff. TED (which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Talks have been spreading ideas and expanding minds on topics like global, social or economic problems since 1984.

Why Ted?

I have been watching TED talks for the last 3-4 years and it has inspired me to not only think differently but to also know that being different is what makes us all interesting people.  It was through listening to Ted speakers that I had finally started my minimalism journey, started blogging as a way to share my ideas and realize that homeschooling is for us as a family. So here are 6 of my favorite TED talks that have inspired a change in my creativity, how I see the world and how I use the internet. 


Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity

Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

Angela Lee Duckworth: Grit: The power of passion and perseverance

Leaving a high-flying job in consulting, Angela Lee Duckworth took a job teaching math to seventh graders in a New York public school. She quickly realized that IQ wasn’t the only thing separating the successful students from those who struggled. Here, she explains her theory of “grit” as a predictor of success.

A rich life with less stuff

Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, better known to their 2 million readers as The Minimalists, are the authors of several bestselling books, including EVERYTHING THAT REMAINS. They spoke at TEDxWhitefish about minimalism, the value of community, and discovering what makes people rich.

The tribes we lead

Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change. He urges us to do so.

Beware online “filter bubbles”

As web companies strive to tailor their services (including news and search results) to our personal tastes, there’s a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a “filter bubble” and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview. Eli Pariser argues powerfully that this will ultimately prove to be bad for us and bad for democracy.

The habits of highly boring people

Chris Sauve is a fourth year business student studying accounting and minoring in computer science. He has represented Carleton at case competitions. He is always looking to expedite how we do things, and make things better.


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