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Do you struggle to wake up for fajr?

intentional  mornings

​​What if you could start ​& ​finish each and every day intentionally and positively?

Hint ;) it's all in ​your habits

“The worship of the heedless is a habit, and the habits of the righteous are worship” - Sayings of the scholars. 

Intentional Mornings is the morning routine play book for ambitious muslimahs who want to create a specific morning routine geared toward spiritual fulfillment and self discovery while achieving their goals. 

"I have read the Ebook and it has changed the way I look at my habits. ​I will use the methods and information provided to develop​ intentional sunnah/worship habits" -​Halima

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​What others are saying:

It's only been a week but I can see drastic change in my life, I no longer look at how much others are achieving I am now focused on my own progress. Waking up before the kids has given me time to focus on all the important yet most neglected areas in my life. 


I know the importance of having a morning routine, I also knew I was very productive on the days I woke up early but I struggled with finding the motivation to do it every morning (especially when I don't have to). In the book there are strategies discussed that help you not focus on the motivation but intention and this small change has helped me wake up every day so far. 


I​ wasn't anticipating that I would feel so much happier by waking up early​ and doing all the things that I always say I don't have time for like exercise. 


As a 'beta' tester I had the chance to use and implement some of the concepts and ideas. Changing and creating new habits is not easy, so you have to be motivated by your goals and intentions.


USE CODE ​March2018 to get 3​5% off

intentional morning

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